Why Stayclip

The Stayclip® Solution. Since 2004, the Stayclip has brought many men, from students, coaches, military officers, doctors - to even a U.S. President, the convenience of the Stayclip organizer and premium collar stays.  In November 2012 we introduced a completely new line of organizers and collar stays.  The Stayclip stores collar stays in a closet (or military barrack) next to dress shirts with its storage system. By pressing two side buttons, the dual tempered steel spring opens the arms of the Stayclip to provide easy access. The metal Stayclip collar stays are made straight but capable of being bent slightly to form a natural curve over a tie or unbuttoned dress shirt.

Stayclip® Collar Stays are now better than ever. In 2008, Stayclip joined the premier luxury retailer Neiman Marcus to provide collar stays to its clientele and still does so today. So it's easy to say that men using the Stayclip are generating a quiet, yet sophisticated, revolution in how they use collar stays.  These new Stayclips now bring a whole new way of personalization with newly designed collar stays.

Customize Your Collar Stays for Yourself or a Loved One. Every man that uses a Stayclip can define themselves or be defined by someone they love.  With our distinctive same day engraving option (when ordered before 12pm EST), our engravers will etch up to three initials into each collar stay and the button of the Stayclip organizer in any material you choose.  You can also select specific lengths of the collar stays, and customize Stayclip organizers with initials and special inlays.  The Stayclip also permits memorable messages to be engraved to create custom "secret message" collar stays for private viewing only.  So along with the convenience of the Stayclip, a new way of sharing intimate thoughts and memories with loved ones has been born.

Convenience. The wall mount holds the Stayclip wherever it is most convenient (the closet wall near dress shirts is the most common location). When attached to any flat surface by an adhesive, the holder has an embedded magnet that cradles the Stayclip. The Stayclip reminds men each day to take out collar stays before cleaning dress shirts.  Stayclip collar stays have been specifically designed and tested to ensure they do not set off metal detectors. The Stayclip has obtained US Patent 7,578,034.

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