Private Label: Collar Stays and Stayclip Organizer

Businesses can customize the patented Stayclip storage device and patented collar stays with logos and brand names. With Stayclip Collectibles, companies have a unique and intimate branding opportunity while providing added convenience to its customers. Companies are creating a unique collectible item by adding their brands to a Stayclip collar stay.  If you would like to use the Stayclip for branding your company, it is quite common for companies to just visit our Stayclip Builder and add their company name to the collar stays and adjust the quantity after you add it to the cart.  You can then simply email us your corporate logo to and we will add it to each Stayclip organizer at no charge!  Just make sure and reference your order number and send the logo within one hour after placing your online order.

Designers and shirt manufacturers can select collar stays made from a variety of metals in Stayclip Collectibles. Hotel laundry, butler services, and dry cleaners can also provide this convenience along with adding your name on each vinyl Stayclip collar stay. Stayclip Collectible collar stays offer a special expression to any collared shirt and accents the attention to detail, quality, and style.

If you would like to purchase Stayclip brand products with your own name or logo or learn about licensing opportunities to produce your own Stayclip Ready collar stays, please provide us with contact information and we will respond within 24 hours, or contact a sales representative by calling 866-344-STAY.

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