Stayclip Collar Stay Holder

The Stayclip is an organizer for holding collar stays.  The Stayclip is armed by pressing two buttons on the side which will open the ring.  Each custom, Stayclip collar stay has a hole that allows it to be fastened to the organizer.  Stayclip collar stay holders come with a wall mount which has an adhesive on the back and an embedded neodymium magnet so you can mount the Stayclip up next to your dress shirts and out of your drawer where they get lost, burried, and are hard to manage.  The Stayclip is also the portable collar stay holder you've been looking for, just remove it from the wall and take it with you wherever you may be traveling. Custom Stayclip engraving is guaranteed to be completed same day on orders placed before 2pm EST and shipped within 1-2 business days.