About Us

What Is Stayclip?

The Stayclip is a collar stay organizer and holder that permits Stayclip collar stays to be fastened to it. The Stayclip has a holder that mounts securely to any wall or closet so collar stays can be displayed and assessible outside of a drawer and visible next to a man’s dress shirts.  The Stayclip can be used for travelling as well.

Collar Stays

Stayclip’s wide array of collar stay finishes and engraving choices makes it the world’s leader in custom collar stays. Stayclip also offers the unique ability to pick the lengths you need from a variety of common sizes for you or a gift recipient. We recommend the mixed variety of lengths to give you wide flexibility in future purchases of dress shirts.

Stayclip organizers

Stayclip’s patented selections of its organizers as well as monogramming makes it the best and only real solution for managing dress shirt collar stays in the industry.


Stayclip provides the most choice when it comes to personalization. You can engrave monograms on each Stayclip organizer, and each pair of collar stays can have its own unique message or monogrammed initials. This website is the most customized one that exists today for high end collar stays and organizers.

High-End Materials

Stayclip maintains the highest production standards for its patented system and collar stays and organizers. The entire brand is individually inspected to ensure the best production and consistency. We are very proud as we enter our ninth year of business. Life is too short not to enjoy every minute of your life.  The Stayclip makes sure your use of dress shirts is always a pleasure and gives you or those you love a special opportunity to gain confidence and have a bit of fun in getting dressed each day.